Setup Website Email Addresses and Forwarders with our cPanel

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Live demo Website Domain cPanel that you will be using to manage your website and websit features:

Username: x3demob
Password: x3demob


Once you have completed the registration process you will be Automatically logged into your Hosting cPanel area, the pages will look the same as the rest of the process, but now you will be in a secured version of the web pages,

If you did not register a Domain or Database app you can still Register FREE

Click the link on the top menu “Hosting” you will see a summary of the new hosting package you just created with a button link on the end [View Details >>] click it and scroll down a little bit and you will be shown your user name and password to access your Website Domain cPanel,  This is a different username and password than the one you first registered for accessing your Website Hosting cPanel this is for the Website Domain cPanel which is for the sublevel control area that you would allow other people access,  like webdesigners. There will also be a button [login to cPanel] click it, wait for the blank popup window and click the link in the blank window that says “proceed without a Secured Certificate“. if no blank popup go to front of hotrockhosting and click on Domain cPanel and enter the username and password you see next to the [Login to cPanel] button.


Now accept the certificate or click the link on the Page Continue to Website.

Inside this area will be a popup instructional go ahead and close it for now and select the Mail Account Icon picture you this area you will Create the Email names and passwords. their is also an option to generate a password for you. So go ahead and creat a name like admin, or sales, or info, or whatever, but just the first part of the name goes in the box. DONOT use @ or anything thereafter, it is already provided for you. Change Mail box quota to 25 then click the [Create] button. You will then be offered an opportunity to download a registry file to work with outlook or whatever mail system you may have, or you can do like the rest of us and just have it forwarded to your personal account and login into the front of hotrockhosting “check website email” if yo wish to write a letter That specifically states its from your domain. So go ahead and click yes or no and when done click on the little house icon on the top left.

To forwad just click the Forwarders icon you see in the Website Domain cPanel, click the [Add Forwarder] button, type in the first part of the email name only again the ending is already provided, then go to the Destination part and enter your full personal email address and click the button [add forwarder]

repeat all steps in this article for adding additional Website Email Accounts and Forwarders

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