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How to FTP: login into your hotrock client area and at the top click “my services” then scroll down to where you see your website name highlighted, then look to the right and click the little spreadsheet image, then scroll down on that page and you will see your cPanel/ FTP username and password. your ftp server is
upload all files into the public_html directory


While still inside the Website Domain cPanel: When you are done setting up your email and forwarders Click the Little House Icon on the top left, and you will be returned to your Website Domain cPanel. From here you will scroll through the Icons again and now goto the “File Manager” Icon and click it. Click the Go button on the popup, and you will be logged into your files strting inside the public_html folder where you will see all your website template files. Go ahead and select the default.html or the index.html whichever one you have available, by placing a check mark next to it. Then look at the header and you will see an icon labeled “Html Editor” click it and slect Edit in the popup. You now see the site live and be able to make changes. So make your changes and click the Save icon on the top left when completed. then click the link “go back to File Manager” unselect the index and select the next page you wish to edit.

HTML Editor Instructions

you can also create New Files, Copy, Move, Download, Rename and a bunch of other stuff in the HEADER area of your FILE MANGAER inside your Websites Domain cPanel

Also if you have a website this will be the area that you will upload your site, just click the “Upload” icon in the header, or for faster upload or to upload multiple files go back into your website Domain cPanel, by clicking the little house icon and select the “Web Disk” instead of just “File Manager”, and setup a username and password to access our secured FTP area for mass file upload and download. You will also be able to set up a download that installs a direct network to your files. just scroll down to the username you created and click the [Access Web Disk] button. then select operating system and click [Go]. download and run the vbs file. this will install a shortcut to your online website folder with direct access, all username and password protected.

if you prefer, you can also make one of your “Fantastico Deuxe” scripts your website, in other words if you install the WordPress Blog onto the main Public_html folder, by leaving the Install to Directory Box blank. then you would have a blog/diary as a website. that allows you to create website pages also via the blog itself, or select Joomla’s Content Management System like , or just the oscommerce shopping cart for web ecommerce like and add a forum for discussions or a chat room or a public calendar, learn the “Fantastico Deluxe” Area inside your Website Domain cPanel, this blue smiley face icon at the bottom of the page will allow you to install a wide variety of components necessary for a full deployment of a website.

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