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if you have not noticed most of your work will occur inside the Website Domain cPanel. this is again the area for everyone, you, us, webdesigners and so forth. not your Website Hosting cPanel wich is strictly for you.

Now once you’ve completed editing your site you will go back to your Website Domain cPanel. If you Have a sql/php dynamic Database Hosting Account established then Go back to the “Fantastico Deluxe” Icon.

Once inside the “Fantastico Deluxe” cPanel, you will a list of links on your left; these are for installing modules, like a blog, or a forum, , a content management system, or a SHOPPING CART system, like oscommerce. They are broken up into categories. So, scroll down to the E-commerce category, and you will notice 3 options: Cube Cart, Oscommerce and Zen. Click the OS Commerce link to read a summary of their SHOPPING CART module.

Once you click the oscommerce link you will get a summary in the body of the page scroll down to the end of the paragraph and you will see the following:

New Installation  (2.2 Release Candidate 2a + buySAFE)
Disk space required: 6.96 MB
Disk space available: X MB

        Current installations:

This means you can either install or you have one already installed. in our case we have none installed. So lets install it. Please clcik on

New Installation  (2.2 Release Candidate 2a + buySAFE)

at the end of the paragraph

you have now activated the installation software, This will install the OScommerce into your public_html folder and give you access to it. in laymans it will add it to your website, or become your website whatever the case may be. if you want to add it to your website as a backend then enter a folder name into the “Install in directory” input box; I usually use catalog, or shop, or name the directory folder “products”, or whatever you want to call your catalog. if you leave this box empty the shopping cart will be installed onto the root of your public_html, if you already have a website installed on the root of the public_html folder id suggest entering a name for in the “install in directory” thus placing the shopping cart in its own subfolder inside the Public_html folder.
so eventuall the URL link would look like

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