New Client

Begin by selecting a Web App on the Home Page.

Next enter the App Name in the box provided. Do not use www. or .com or spaces or symbols. Only one word: hotrockhosting [Click to Continue >>] and Scroll down and you will see if the name is available to assign if not try a variation of the name.

After checking of your selection [Click to Continue >>] and select any Web App addons needed then [Click to Continue >>] again and select any Name options needed [Click to Continue >>] and verify the information. [Click to Continue >>] and scroll down and enter corresponding Client cPanel information.

Remember, Any Client cPanel password created must be unique with 1 capital letter and 1 number 6 or more characters long ex.   ^Hk8T:? Do not use any part of your name or your website name as a password or you will have problems. You must use a STRONG password like the sample, or the system will ask again.
Your personal Email address and this password will allow you the ability to login into your Secured Owner cPanel.

When your Profile is Completed and Matches Your Billing Address you will then scroll down and enter any notes and check the box “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” before clicking the button [Complete Order].

On the next page do not select anything and just click the button [Click to Continue], on the next page if all the information is correct then click the button [Click to Continue] and you will see your billing information, please scroll down and enter remaining billing information. Any information entered must  match your billing address EXACTLY. If it is not EXACT the transaction will be declined, and flagged as fraud. Please adjust your billing information on this page if need be. If everything is correct to the best of your knowledge then go ahead and click the button [Click to Continue]

Please allow a moment or 2 depending on your connection for the process to complete. When you are done with the process you will get a confirmation number, if it did not confirm then your cc details probably do not match your address on file so please adjust your profile details so that they match your cc billing address EXACTLY. You may Email usfor assistance.

At anytime you may login into the secured Owner cPanel area with your personal email address and password: Secured Owner cPanelIf you forgot your Password enter your personal email address and submit. Your password will be emailed to your personal email address on file: Forgot Password and as always Bookmark Hot Rock Website Hosting Instructions Printing Instructions May Help


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