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Ajax Yes
Alias files , aliases Yes
aMember Pro Yes
Apache 2 LINUX
Apple , iWeb , Mac Mail Yes
APS Valult , Application Vault (included) WIN
ASP classic (included) WIN
ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 (included) WIN
aspell , pspell Yes
AWstats (included) Yes
AWstats includes TIX
C# , C sharp WIN
Cake CakePHP Yes
CentOS 5 (included) LINUX
Compressed Files  (.rar*  .zip .tar.gz .bz2) Yes
concrete5 Yes
cPanel LINUX
CRE Loaded Sites Yes
CRE Loader(Not Included, but you can install it) Yes
Cron jobs (included) Yes
Crypt SSLeay TIX
CS-Cart Yes
cURL, libcurl, PHP/CURL (included) TIX
Cyberduck FTP Yes
DBI Module Yes
Delavo Yes
disabling PHP open_base dir Yes
Django (shared requires fastcgi) Yes
Ray, Orca, & older Dolphin versions ( Yes
DotNet, dot net, .net WIN
DotNetNuke WIN
Drupal (included) Yes
e107 Yes
eGroupWare Yes
elgg Yes
emacs , vi (requires SSH) Yes
Email Piping Yes
ExpressionEngine Yes
Fantastico De Luxe (included) Yes
fastCGI Yes
Flash FLV(Browsers must have MacroMedia Flash Player Installed) Yes
Flash remoting using AMFPHP Yes
formail Yes
formmail Yes
fopen Yes
FrontPage extensions (included) Yes
fsockopen Yes
GD2 Library  (included) Yes
Ghostscript Yes
Git  client Yes
GnuPG Yes
Google Adsense & Adwords Yes
Google Apps & Email Yes
GZip Yes
HTTP streaming (audio/video) Yes
If-Modified-Since HTTP header Yes
ImageMagick , Image Magick (included) Yes
imap_open Yes
innoDB Yes
ionCube Loader  4.4 Yes
javascript , JSON Yes
Joomla (included) Yes
Kayako Yes
Latex (but we do not support the binary) Yes
lib_curl Yes
lynx TIX
Magento Yes
Mail – Exim Yes
Microsoft Access WIN
mod_mime Yes
mod_rewrite, mod_speling(must enable in .htaccess) Yes
mod_security, mod_sec TIX
Moodle Yes
MSSQL (included) WIN
MySQL 5 (included) Yes
MySQLi Yes
Online Chat Program Yes
openSSL  0.9.8o Yes
paFileDB Yes
Payment Gateway / Merchant Provider Yes
PCI Compliance (included) Yes
PCRE Perl Compatible Regular Expressions Yes
PDO or pdo_mysql Yes
PEAR modules –  full list Yes
Perl 5 , Python 2 , CGI , CPAN (all included) Yes
PHP 5 (included) Yes
php iconv Yes
PHP and PECL modules –  full list Yes
PHP shell_exec Yes
PHP tokenizer Yes
PHPArcadeScript , phpas Yes
PHP Multibyte String Yes
phpMyAdmin (included) Yes
podcast Yes
POP3 (included) Yes
postini Yes