Sitemap Navigation

Every site must offer a navigation system of the pages, both for the
human and the non-human. humans access a page named sitemap.html for
quick navigation. robots like Googlebot use the sitemap.xml for
navigation. Use to generate
the sitemap files. It is good practice to use a sitemap and keep it
updated with changes when one adds or removes pages from the web site.
Also, try not to remove pages. Instead of removing pages, remove the
content from the page and then embed a link to the new content page. For example, I
created a page name new cars, but now I sell used cars. When the
public navigates to the new car page there should be a link that tells
, what is going on and where they need to go. This is usually referred
to as a 404 error, page nonexistent, if deleted. usually from a person bookmarking
the page in their own browser and coming back to the website via the
bookmark and now id doesnt exist. Most of the time you can just redirect all errors back to the home
page via the .htaccess file and a custom
redirect script. This is just in case it is more than just a person
lost on the web site, it may be a robot looking for a way into the backend management area. Always keep a site updated with the latest technology. Most updates need to be downloaded and
installed and activated.

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