SEO Anchored Backlink

To begin, you must go on the net to industry same websites and place your code on their site.

<a href=””>Your Key Phrase</a>

sample: <a href=””>Used Car Sales</a>

so when you are done and a visitor goes to the page they will see the SEO Anchored Backlink you created
Used Car Sales

and when the link is clicked on, they will go to your website.

And an easy way to do this, is search google for industry same websites that you can leave a reply on. when you reply, usually i do something like – used car sales leave reply – then goto each google listing and see it there is a place to reply on their blog or website, if so then there will be field for your name. your name will be “Your Key Phrase” and then you just insert your standard info such as your website address and your email.

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