Mobile Application (Apps)

The next step would be an Application ( App ). An app
is just an application script that interacts with the user, the
database and the phone. In other words one could create a database named
cars and the public would view the car database on their phone and the phone app can be set to ring every time a new car is added to the database. Applications can be downloaded from either the droid or iphone market or your website.
Droid is Google and iphone is Mac. Further, one needs a Mac to build
an iPhone app. But luckily there is now an android plug-in for wordpress; wpandroid. and an iphone
blog web site to application conversion tool at

Download the apk file from within the wpandroid section of the word press admin backend
login area and under the menu item settings then upload the apk to one will also want to retrieve the
qr images from bloapp and android as well as the mobile version of your app domain and place these on a
site or on print marketing. Thus, a web site would have three
different qr images to display.

Offer a downloadable app to viewers so that they can always have access to the site, similar to saving a website home
page shortcut to a computer desktop.

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