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Installing wordpress

After Registration of a WordPress Hosting Account.
The email address and password created during the Registration process will allow you to login into the Members client area and gives access to the cPanel Engine. You will also receive an email with the Members Client login information you created.


1. Login into the Members Client area and Click Link in Header bar “My Services”.

2. Scroll Down to WordPress Registered Name and click the button to the right. [Details >>].

3. Scroll Down and click the button [login cpanel].  ( Must proceed with Security Exception )

4. Scroll Down and click the icon “MySQL Database Wizard” and Follow the instructions to create the Database Name, User Name, and Password something similar to this.

Database Name:   yourwordpressname_databasename
Database User Name:   yourwordpressname_username
Password:       Jkl67pg@3

“yourwordpressname_ ” should already be prefilled. Once you create this database with a username and password, you will then insert this information into the wordpress installation shown at your WordPress name you created ie. ( )


*** You Must Remove .htaccess hidden and the rest of preloaded files inside public_html folder ***
When you Select File Manager from the cPanel Check the box “show hidden files” in the popup window
After all files are deleted from the public_html folder then login into secured Members client area and goto the cpanel and then follow this video.

Any questions please feel free to contact us for support?

Installing wordpress Installing wordpress Installing wordpress