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Hosting Levels

To begin with are the levels of hosting and costs involved.

Local (Usually Free – It’s your computer)
Local is partitioning your computer, so as to be able to deploy an “AI” Development Environment along with your normal operating system. WAMP is a bundle of the Apache Server (Environment), MySQL (Database Wizard), PhpMyAdmin (Manage Database) and PHP (Developmental Scripting).

Shared (Sometimes Free to $50/mo)
Shared is complete partitioning for multiple Development Environment users, each having their own interface with the Development Environment. Hostgator is great for shared hosting.

Managed ($35/$75)
Managed’s partitions are Customized or Tailored for the users. WpEngine has seemed to succeeded well at this for wordpress developers.

Virtual Private ($50/$100)
Partitioned, but each partition has dedicated environment.

Dedicated ($75/$200+)
The server is yours alone.

Cloud (Rates vary By the moment)
Multiple Servers Networked for use.

Hosting Levels Hosting Levels Hosting Levels