Content Management System (CMS)

With the onslaught of Content Management Systems ( CMS ), one can just click and install
most any open source CMS script needed. From Joomla, to Word press,
Drupal, Forum Bulletin Boards and Site Builders, most of these CMS
scripts have both a front end and a back end. The front end is what is
for public interaction. The backend is for interaction with the
website. The backend controls the front end. The login area would
allow one the ability to say upload a photo or type a bio out. Most
text/script/code/image that is inserted into the backend database will
be available for the public to view. In other words, you will login into
the backend CMS account and insert a business telephone number into a .php
interactive form that will post this information into the database tables. Then,
the public will query the database of information to get the telephone number.

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