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Hot Rock WordPress Hosting offers Fully Managed WordPress Applications.
WordPress Hosting accounts include WordPress Application with Domain Name and Control Panel.

Fully Managed WordPress

WordPress Hosting

Hot Rock WordPress Hosting lets you Fully Manage the Application. Application Powered by cPanel.


WordPress Admin Dashboard

Manage WordPress, Install Plugins, Add Custom Themes, Upload Media or Product.


Secured Control Panel

Control Panel Powers WordPress, Email Accounts, Database Manager and more.

Hot Rock is a domain registrar and php dynamic server (vs html static server) operating since 2007 offering a variety of on-line services. Hot Rock Hosting is also an eco-friendly PCI compliant server operating in a secured location. The developers and team are here to assist in a timely manner via support and forum, as well as articles and newsletters.

Hot Rock currently uses WordPress for the front-end and the WHMCS framework for the SSL secured client area back-end.

The client area back-end will also give access to the secured control panel, for activation as well as creating domain email accounts.

To begin, use the whmcs form above to enter a NEW Domain Name to be registered on the internet, such as hotrockhosting or hot-rock-hosting. It may take a little time to find a .com name not already in use. Once you have found an unregistered name, then check to accept and register the name to continue. The next step will apply a hosting account to the domain name. the Charge for the Domain Name should be around $15+ dependent upon the Name. The Domain Name must be renewed annually. Currently Hosting accounts start at $14.95/mo. Thus initial cost should be around $25 (dependent upon domain name)and every month thereafter it would be at a rate of $14.95 with a once a year domain renewal.

After you have registered an annual Domain Name and a monthly Hosting Account proceed to the personal email account submitted during registration, find the emails received from Hot Rock Hosting and review. There will be multiple emails for Domain Registration, Hosting Registration as well as A welcome message as well as Invoice payment receipts from Hot Rock Hosting.

There will be 3 areas that you will have access to: Client Panel, Hosting Control Panel, WordPress Administration.

The Secured Client Panel controls current owner information: Owner Details, Hosting and Domain Packages, Support Tickets, as well as access to the Secured Hosting Control Panel.

The Secured Hosting Control Panel offers a variety programs and services to run most any dynamic application. The Hosting Control Panel manages Domain Email Accounts, File Management (manage php dynamic or html static files) contains the quick launch program allowing WordPress or Joomla or Drupal software to be installed and activated.

Once chosen software has been installed an email will be sent to owner allowing the owner to log-in into the back-end of software. Most all dynamic frameworks offer an Administrator log-in. WordPress log-in is usually located at /wp-admin or /wp-login.php. Joomla is /index.php?option=com_users&view=login. Drupal is /user. Use the login information created during the setup. most of the time the username will be admin.

Finally, you will be logged into backend administration, thus allowing a front-end Application to be created. For instance in WordPress. Create a Home page simply by adding a selecting on the left hand menu Add New Page. Enter the subject of the article, the paragraph any pictures and or video to the page and Publish. People will now be able to go to the Domain Home page and see what has been published and comment on article if commenting has been enabled and such.





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